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Help!!!! Floor Cleaning Machines? Esp> For Grout!?!?!?!?

Please, has anyone used/own a steam mop or any other type machine that cleans ceramic tile/grout. I’m tired of getting on hands and knees scrubbing. Would love for it to sanitize also! I checked into the Shark Steam Mop advertised on TV and there was bad things said about it. Please help! Thank you!!

Would You Ever Buy Anything Not Sold By Billy Mays?!?!?

The Incomplete List:
* Aquapel
* Awesome Auger Ground Auger, Weed Auger
* Bedazzler
* Big City Slider Station
* Black Swan Furniture
* Bloomin’ Onion Maker
* Buddy Putty
* Calcium Lime Rust
* Currie Motors Chrysler Credit Hotline
* Cutco Kitchenware
* Ding King automotive dent remover
* Easy Off Bam!
* Energize energy supplement
* EngraveIt
* FixIt car scratch remover
* FoneFree wireless cellphone headset
* Foodsaver
* FreeFone wireless phone holder
* Gopher reach extending tool
* Handy Switch
* Hercules Hook wall hangers
* iCan Benefit Group, LLC
* Kaboom!
* Lint-B-Gone lint brush
* Liquid Diamond car waxing product
* Mantis Roto-Tiller
* Micro-Men Duster
* Mighty Mend It
* Mighty Putty
* Never-Scrub tile cleaner
* Orange Clean, Orange Glo
* OxiClean
* Quik Strip wire stripping tool
* Ragazzi’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
* Samurai Shark knife sharpener
* Sandstrom OnTV
* Sealtite Tire Sealant
* Simoniz Fix It Scratch Remover
* Slider Station Burger Maker
* Steam Buddy
* Street Options Auto Accessories
* Swiffer SweeperVac
* Tommy and Rumble
* Turbo Tiger vacuum cleaner
* Vidalia Chop-it
* Vidalia Slice-it
* Vidalia Slice Wizard
* Zorbeez absorbent towels
What else is there?!

Stupid Questions Part 2?

Do fish get thirsty?
Do hummingbirds hum because they don’t know the words?
Do hungry crows have ravenous appetites?
Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?
Do jellyfish get gas from eating jellybeans?
Do mass murderers kill only in church?
Do people in Australia call the rest of the world ‘up over’?
Do pilots take crash-courses?
Do Roman paramedics refer to IV’s as “4′s”?
Do Scottish Terriers get Scotch Tape worms?
Do stars clean themselves with meteor showers?
Do steam rollers really roll steam?
Do television evangelists do more than lay people? –Stanley Ralph Moss
Do vampires get AIDS?
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?
Do witches run spell checkers?
Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime?
Do you realize how many holes there could be if people would just take the time to take the dirt out of them?
Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID that he just whipped out a quarter? –Steven Wright
Does a man-eating shark eat women, too?
Does an analyst have to be anal? –Adam Rifkin
Does killing time damage eternity?
Does that screwdriver belong to Phillip?
Does the Little Mermaid wear an algebra?
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What Is The Most Effective Way Of Cleaning Tile And Hardwood Floors?

Ok. So my mom and i cook a lot. But we have a hard time cleaning the floors. We’ve tried almost everything we’ve seen. The Swifter, The Jet thing, the Ultra Steam Shark, the raggedy mop, the sponge mop … everything! The battery life sucks for the Swifter. The steam shark is just ridiculous. The jet thing broke. The other mops don’t work well. Anything out there that y’all have tried that works well on tile floors? BTW, we do a lot of cooking with paprika and other hard staining spices so we need some heavy duty cleaning stuff. Also, what’s worked for y’all on wood floors? We use a cloth mop but those things break so easily. We go through one a month. Our whole house except for the kitchen is harwood floors so….. Any advice will help. :D

Product Reveiw: Swivel Sweeper?

K, i have had hit or miss luck with “As seen on TV” products. I LOVE my Shark Steam Mop but hated my Tobi Garment Steamer. I hated my Magic Bullet but love my Bonzai Food Chopper. Now I have found my next “As seen…” product.
Its the Swivel Sweeper. I have 4 cats and 3 teenagers in my home and I am a clean freak. I currently have the Swiffer Vac and I do like it but it does not hold a charge long enough. I need a good sweeper that can work on low carpet and bare floors.
The Swivel Sweeper is getting mixed reviews. Everyone admits it works really well at picking every type of debris up and that it is really super easy to use BUT a few people complained that after just a few months the rechargeable battery goes.
Please, I really need a product like this for my home, can anyone give me a review on this product The Swivel Sweeper As Seen on TV?
In particular does anyone know if it is great for pet hair on bare floors?

Shark Steam Cleaner