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When Dry Cleaners Are Hard Pressed And Angry Do They Get Steamed And Hot Under The Collar?

Or can you come up with an off the cuff remark and a new to wrinkle to the solution? Can you do what suits you and tie this in all together? When they diet, do they avoid starches?

How Can You Remove Antique Cherry Colored Varnish From A Rug?

Had rugs steam cleaned and moved a”Martha Washington” table onto a rug I had not know the cleaners had already done.Whan I moved it back into place there were colored varnish marks. I tried; GoofOff, Oops, Gonezo,Resolve, Acetone and a variety of other ideas from people. My house is on the market for sale. They gotta go!!!!!!!!! Help! If anyone has an idea I would appreciate the feed back. Thank you, “K” from Southern New Jersey. Oh, the rug is a light grey color.

How Do You Get Cat Pee Out Of A Water Proof Laptop Bag?

how do you get cat pee smell out of a water proof laptop bag
i have tried steam cleaning it. and using house cleaners around the house nothing seems to work.

I’m Moving Into A New House And Would Like To Have It Professionally Cleaned.?

what all are the services i should ask for in getting it cleaned? duct cleaning, windows? steam cleaning or dry cleaning carpets? do the cleaners do sealing also?

I Was Trying To Vacuum My Carpet Last Day And Then All I Saw All Over My Carpet Was Black Spots, Help Me Clean

The spots look like black ink spots. They seem to be powdery because now they are all over my carpet. Is there an effective way to clean my carpet? Can steam vacuums help? Will I have to call professional cleaners to clean them? Any kinda help is appreciated!

Shark Steam Cleaner