Euro Pro Portable Steam Cleaner

Portable Shark Steam Cleaner

Euro-Pro Hand held Hard-Surface Steam Cleaner

If portability is what you are looking for then this machine is the one. This nifty little unit uses regular tap water that heats up in less than 4 minutes. Its multi purpose capabilities will clean your house in an environmentally friendly way ensuring all your household cleaning tasks are cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals, keeping your family safer.
Providing up to 20 minutes of continuous steam before needed a refill means that the convenient operation will get the job done. It comes with eight attachments. A window squeegee makes cleaning glass, finally easy. An angle adapter will make getting into the most obscure places a breeze. For really tough spots such as the barbecue you may need to attach the included steam concentrator for maximum steaming power removing grease and grime in a snap. For cleaning the grill and the hot plate or for car wheels the detail brush will conquer all. That takes care of bathrooms, and all wetter areas and the outside. You can also use the Hard surface cleaner on garments as well. Just attach the garment cleaner and the deluxe hose for wrinkle free fabrics and upholstery. A filling flask and a fitted cleaning cloth round out the accessories. You won’t have any fear of your fingers getting burnt as the stay cool handle has fingertip controls. With pressurized steam cleaning sinks, counter tops, glass, mirrors will be a joy to clean. You floors will be sanitized and deodorized and your house will be sparkling in less time. Discover if a Hand Held Steam Cleaner is for you.

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Shark Steam Cleaner