Advice On What Jewelry Steamer To Buy: Sharpertek 1450 Watts; Jewel Jet Or Saltonjw10.?

I am debating between these three products since the ultrasonic models are horrible. What do you think? Jewelers use steam cleaners and these do too so I was looking into purchasing a consumer clean steamer model. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “Advice On What Jewelry Steamer To Buy: Sharpertek 1450 Watts; Jewel Jet Or Saltonjw10.?”

  • shabocon:

    First off, an ultrasonic cleaner and a steamer are used together. Normally, the process for cleaning jewelry is a mild soap/jewelry cleaner and water and elbow grease, then rinse, the ultrasonic, then rinse, then dry wtih a soft cloth (not paper), then steam. Examine the piece and repeat process if necessary.
    Professional ultrasonic cleaners are highly effective. Those “ultrasonics” that you purchase in a retail store or are geared to the consumer public are NOT effective. You get what you pay for.
    I’ve had to use each of the steamers you’ve listed above at one time or another. If you are using any of these at home for your own personal jewelry, then I would go with the Jewel Jet–the most bang for the buck.
    If you are intending to use these in a professional situation–well, none of the three are really very good. A good commercial-quality steamer produces a burst of steam much stronger (more pressure) than any of the three you listed above are capable of.
    The Sharpertek is the closest to being able to handle a small studio’s work. However, it’s got problems with its gasket, it does not show water level, and is clumsy to empty. It also backs up water during the filling process because of trapped air.
    The Jewel Jet holds very little water to produce steam and while it’s nice to have at home it does not produce the steam level needed in a professional shop. It also is operated by hand instead of with a foot pedal–not acceptable in a professional situation.
    Don’t bother with the Salton. You’re paying for a cheap steamer and a cheap cleaner combined in one unit. Neither work that well.
    If you really want something of quality that will work well and will last, I suggest you go to a jewelry tool supply company–many are online–and purchase a model there.
    One that will sell tools (not findings) to the public is Otto Frei. They have a long history and are a very reputable company. Check out the link below.
    Good luck.

  • Playboy:

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