After Steam Cleaning A Carpet Will The Cleaning Agents Cause It To Glow Under A Blacklight?

My former apartment management is tying to charge me $1700 to replace the carpet in the apartment i lived in because according to them, “the whole entire carpet glowed when they performed a blacklight inspection.” I did have a pet in the apt and yes he did mess on the carpet a time or 3. I purchased a hoover steam cleaner and detergent before checking out and cleaned the carpets 2x before the inspection. Once in the morning the day of the inspection. when this was accomplished the carpet was in better condition then when i moved in. I was informed that the carpet may have been slightly damp and that along with the cleaners could have caused the carpet to glow. Any advice that any one can give would be greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to “After Steam Cleaning A Carpet Will The Cleaning Agents Cause It To Glow Under A Blacklight?”

  • Love's Sacrifice:

    I would tell them “Take me to court because it didn’t appear dirty or have a foul odor, then it is clean.” The glow could be from carpet powder sprinkled on at some point, like deodorizers. Or if it has a concrete surface underneath the carpet, then it could be actually concrete residue. (The residue glows under blacklight.)

  • Rivergir:

    Some detergents and cleaner use chemicals that glow under black light. When some cleaners claim to leave your whites “whiter than white” – they aren’t kidding. Traces of detergent are left on the clothes to make them sparkle and seem whiter. In a dance club under black light, you can often see glowy white-ish streaks on people’s jeans. These are from the laundry detergents.
    With that said, I have only heard of this happening with whitening-type laundry detergents. Not carpet cleaners or household cleaners. And a steam cleaner should remove some of the detergent, rather than letting it dry in the carpet.
    With that said, I think your managers black light inspection is suspect. Perhaps you need to find someone to mediate between the two of you. Figure out a better way to determine what “clean” means.
    Good luck.

  • Max Schnell:

    Urine will glow under UV light. The problem is that it may still glow after cleaning for reasons not completely understood, but believed to be due to changes at a molecular level. I’ll see if I can’t find a reference to this in an article I read in the last few months. (Edit: see below). The conclusion is that the carpet can be as clean as can be and still fluoresce.
    Rivergirl, above, is talking about “optical brighteners” that are present in laundry detergent but should not be in carpet or upholstery detergent.

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