Anybody Know The Best Solution For Steam Carpet Cleaners To Get Out Stains?

My kid got sick after drinking watermelon and it left a pink stain in the carpet

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6 Responses to “Anybody Know The Best Solution For Steam Carpet Cleaners To Get Out Stains?”

  • LJ:

    try resolve it takes stains out very well I had pet stains on my carpet and it took it right out

  • carmen m:

    Maybe Hot water and ammonia?

  • jiggywal:

    You can try using a commercial style steam cleaner, it works a little better than a regular home version, and is pretty simple to use. I rented one recently from Home Depot, and it did a better job cleaning out the dirt and pet odors from my old dog. They are inexpensive to rent also, it cost me around 40 buck for the day, including the cleaning solution. The solution was a product called “7in1″ Also it wouldn’t hurt to treat the stains individually before you clean with the steam cleaner, try using some OxyClean to treat the stains first.


    Oxy deep steam clean works well!

  • Janay:

    melaleuca always works. we buy it every month.

  • mark6231:

    I came across this product some time back and I must admit, it is pretty amazing. It is called Kustom Kleen.
    You can find it online. I don’t know the site but just type in the name above, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find.
    You mix a small amount of it with water.
    It can even remove ink stains.
    -Good luck!

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