Anyone Tried A Steam Cleaner?

Has anyone ever tried a small steam cleaner, you know the kind for around the house, bathrooms, kitchens, ect? I have three boys, so the bathrooms are a little difficult and I have been thinking about trying one of those little steam cleaners. Has anyone had good results, or one they would recommend?

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7 Responses to “Anyone Tried A Steam Cleaner?”

  • eskie lover:

    I borrowed my neighbors shark steamer and was not too terribly impressed. I thought it would be a quick way to clean my grout but it didn’t work too well on that project. It spit a lot of water which made a mess, too. It didn’t do much for grease on my cooktop vent either. Then I tried the fabric attachment to steam out my drapes, but it did a poor job of getting out the wrinkles. Plus the tank is so little that you keep having to refill it. No wonder Home Depot is yellow tagging them at less than 1/2 price at $9.99, but I wouldn’t buy that brand even for that!

  • PackerGa:

    I bought one at Walgreens, it was that little red one you see on the infomercials, it was about $30. Honestly it worked well, it was just so small that I had to stop every 10-15 minutes, to refill the water. I would rather have purchased a larger one. IT took of crayon off my walls, from months ago. marker in my bathroom. stains on my hardwood floor.
    Good Luck

  • they work good, its better if you use your tongue though

  • k h:

    Honestly, they aren’t worth he money or time. It really ends up quicker to clean it the old fashion way. By the time you keep filling it and waiting. Save your money

  • ¢нєєку кιттєи™ [вαвÿ løṿε]:

    i used one a coupla yrs ago at my mums house. we were SOOOOO excited to get one amd i t use one……well, what a disappointment.
    i would never again think of a steam cleaner as a cleaning aid!
    they not all what they put out to be. at all.

  • Sheltiel:

    I have a Scunci steamer. It works okay and does help some but, like most things it does not do what it does on the infomercials.

  • Bryer B:

    I always borrow my grandmas to clean my sofa, i have 5 dogs and 2 cats and a cream sofa ( and it still looks cream) i think its a Bristol or something like that, but well worth it.

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