Are Carpet Shampooers Any Good? Im Thinking It Might Be A Good Option But Dont Know Alot About Them.?

I live in a modern house and the carpets mark incredibly easy. I hate having dirty carpets and at the moment my only option is to keep hand scrubbing or footing for professional cleaners. I was thinking a good quality steam cleaner or carpet shampooer might be a good middle ground. Any advice or tips?

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9 Responses to “Are Carpet Shampooers Any Good? Im Thinking It Might Be A Good Option But Dont Know Alot About Them.?”

  • Clare:

    I bought a Bissell Proheat Upright Deep Steam Cleaner a couple years ago and just love it! It does a great job of overall carpent cleaning and is a necessity for those little “accidents” or the dirt that gets tracked in. I keep it in a closet, ready to go so I can just grab it when there’s a spill.
    My daughter dropped a glass of grape juice in the middle of our light beige living room carpet the other day and I got my Bissell out and cleaned the area and now you can’t tell there’d ever been grape juice there.
    I hate to think what a job it would have been removing that dark grape juice stain if it had a chance to dry while I went off somewhere to rent a carpet cleaner!

  • Lainy:

    i have light tan carpets and 2 kids. my 1 year old is always drooling choco. milk all over the carpets. i rent the rug doctor and make my own cleaning solution that is not toxic and doesn’t leave that crispy powder feel to the carpet. for the cleaning solution in the rug doctor just put in 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of free and clear laundry soap to the hot water you put in the tank. it works great.

  • anybody:

    You can rent professional machines at some grocery stores. They work very well, are much cheaper than a service and you don’t need to store it in your home! It is worth the pick-up and return of the machine!

  • equal_op:

    I’ve had Kirby vacuums for 30 years. I absolutely love the carpet cleaning attachment that comes with it. Thorough, spotless, easy to use, and I just unhook it from my vacuum and reattach the main brush attachment in less than a minute.
    Carpet dries fairly quickly and is very clean.
    Of course, a new Kirby will run you abou $1900, but you can pick up a refurbished one from a Kirby shop for a darn good price.

  • judy_der:

    I just got a Hoover Dual V and I love it, it does a good job cleaning and the carpet dries fast, I use Bissell carpet shampoo in it, always be sure to rinse the carpet well after shampooing as any soap residue will attract soil to the carpet.

  • The best idea is to rent one to see if it is really what you want. Then if it is you should compare a few of them and make your choice.

  • ursula k:

    get a good quality steamer its much cheaper and affective than shampoos.Shampoos tend to leave a residue which attracts dirt.At least a steamer doesn’t need chemicals to use.I have one and I use it for all my house hold chores.

  • Tell It Like it is:

    I would rent a commercial shampoo machine. I tried many store brands and nothing cleans as well. Usually you can rent these at large grocery stores

  • mshonnie:

    Carpet shampooers are not a good option as they can leave the dirt and will not extract the water and most times consumers tend to leave in the soap which in turn will cause your carpet to get dirty faster your best bet is a carpet steamer as this will extract the water and will rinse it allot more than a person who uses a carpet shampooer and therefore you carpet will not get dirty as fast and my tip here is when you do purchase and use a carpet steamer to add one to two cups of White Vinegar this will clean and deodorize and disinfect your carpet and remove the residues that carpet cleaning solutions tend to leave behind it also will leave your carpet soft and touchable and leave it static free; just one note of caution that vinegar will tend to leave an odor which only will last about ten to fifteen minutes then dissipate Good Luck !

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