Are Steam Cleaners Any Good? Has Anyone Tried Them?

i m just thinkin to get one . do they clean carpets well

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8 Responses to “Are Steam Cleaners Any Good? Has Anyone Tried Them?”

  • Roxy:

    My parents have one – they think it’s wonderful! You don’t need chemicals and it gets things like tiles and the oven really clean. I don’t know about carpets – you’d have to check the individual machine.

  • It all depends upon the brand of steam cleaner and how dirty your carpets are. You can see the dirty coming out of the carpet and if it is in a heavy traffic area you might have to go back over that area again. I like to use my cleaner when ever there is a spill on the floor before it sets in . Some cleaners come with attachments for cleaning your upholstery and drapes.

  • freebien:

    I got a cheap one from argos and it worked brilliant for years my little puppy has chewed threw the tube and now I need to get another. mine took paper off the walls steam cleaned the bathroom, hard wood floors, lino and laminate. It was fantastic when my friends moved as we had to clean the new house it done all round the taps the toilet and work surfaces.
    I would highly recommend them, they are great and they save money on cleaning products as the steam kills off germs and bacteria.

  • ‚ô•STREAKE:

    I have the full model Bissell and the spot bot by Bissell and I love both of them. They are used on a regular basis in my house. They do a great job. (I have 4 kids and 8 cats, so I use them about once a month.) The spot bot is great for just quick spills that the kids don’t seem to wipe up.
    If you have kids/pets it’s worth the investment. If you have never cleaned your carpets before, get a professional cleaner in the first time and then do it yourself from them on. That way, the really stubborn stains can come out from what they use. Their products are a little bit stronger than what you will get at the store.

  • fashion1:

    Don’t try them the stress will never go away cause whatever is causing the stress will still be there handle your stress correctly go to the thing that is causing it and some how make it stop causing you stress like maybe school talk to your teachers maybe sports talk to your coaches maybe work i don’t know sometimes you just need to vent go so someone you trust and tell them all your problems even if it’s say your dog trust me you will feel a lot better.

  • Donna Hill:

    better than wet and dry ones as they dont leave water marks from it soaking the carpet

  • anna b:

    No idea about steam cleaners but would love to know what Fashion 1 is talking about!!!!!!!!

  • john l:

    They work great.They loosen up dirt/grime that has been there for ages.

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