Are Steam Cleaners Good For Cleaning Surfaces?

Was interested in buying a steam cleaner for kitchen/bathroom/general cleaning. Any tips on these units?

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4 Responses to “Are Steam Cleaners Good For Cleaning Surfaces?”

  • Bronzewa:

    I borrowed my daughter’s steamer and it was brilliant for cleaning my kitchen hob etc. Also with an alternative attachment it worked fine for wallpaper stripping. I don’t think it needs to be a very expensive model to be effective as it’s really just a channel to direct steam.

  • dawnb:

    The steam cleaners I buy are for carpets and upholstery only. There are steamers that are specific for hard floors and there are steamers specifically for things like draperies. But I cannot use my steamer on hard floor or draperies. So look for the appropriate machine and don’t expect one to fulfill all your needs.

  • Leftfoot:

    And this qualifies as less lame than those questions you see fit to leave smug and/or abusive answers to in what way, exactly?
    If you want helpful and relevant answers to your own posts then it’s not a great idea to go leaving rude answer’s at other peoples’.
    Just a friendly tip for future reference.

  • ldp:

    Yes, very useful

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