Are Steam Cleaners Worth Investing In For Cleaning Upholstery? Does Anyone Have Any Experience.?

I want to give my 3 piece suite a good clean and have been considering buying a steam cleaner.
Most of them I’ve looked at state their usefulness in the kitchen/bathroom and for mattresses etc., all of which would be handy, but only mention upholstery as an afterthought.
I’m not interested in carpet cleaners which is all I seem to get when I try a search.

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5 Responses to “Are Steam Cleaners Worth Investing In For Cleaning Upholstery? Does Anyone Have Any Experience.?”

  • proud walker:

    I had one a few years ago. The sort where you have to fix a pad over the nozzle to absorb the dirt. It was useless. It was good for removing wallpaper, and I guess it disinfected tiles and floors, but wasn’t much good at all for removing grime.
    There’s another sort of cleaner which wets and then vacuums. I think it works better,

  • Atomic Ear-lobe:

    You haven’t stated what kind of fabric your 3 piece suite has and it may need to be dry cleaned only as it is susceptible to shrinkage and colour bleed. Try a dry crock test, you can do this by rubbing it down with a dry white cloth. If there is colour bleed then it is a vacuum only piece – if not then try a wet crock test and use a damp white cloth to rub it down with. If there is colour bleed, then your suite can only be dry cleaned.

  • Michael B:

    Yes they are worth it for cleaning upholstery, and if you have pets as they are great for clearing fleas, etc.
    Cheap models seem to be just as good as pricey ones, but don’t seem to last as long.


    try car valeting spray foam,you spray on leave a few mins vaccuum off,not messy,and you only buy wot u need.

  • Peter G:

    I hear they are pretty good at most things, so I’d say yes.

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