Are Their Any Vacuum Steam Cleaners On The Market Worth Recommending?

I’m looking to buy one, but don’t see any quality reviews, so let’s see what the yahoosers say.

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3 Responses to “Are Their Any Vacuum Steam Cleaners On The Market Worth Recommending?”

  • howmidoi:

    I have both a Bissell AND a Hoover – they both do excellent jobs. I ended up getting the Hoover because a part cracked on the Bissell. Couldn’t get a replacement online & no authorized repair facility in our area (we live in the “sticks”). I was able to duct tape the part on the Bissell; it continues to chug along but doesn’t have the power it once did.
    What it boils down to, for me anyway, is to make sure there is a local authorized service rep available.

  • cheesey :):

    i bought a bissell from wal mart, i think it was 169, a heated power steamer or something like that. i’ve used it several times (not because it did a bad job the first time, i just have 3 dogs and DETEST pet hair everywhere) anyway, it does an excellent job getting rid of the pet hair, you just have to make sure and clean the brush and bottom of the steamer each time you use it so it doesnt’ clog. but anyway, my overall experience is that it did well to clean my old carpets (they were here when we moved in) it dries quickly, it didn’t leave a musty wet smell, and it’s fast and easy to use. hope that helps

  • baremp:

    Bissell have a very good one.

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