At Home Steam Carpet Cleaners Do They Work?

i need to get beige carpets cleaned before i move out of rented house,my landlady is a bit of a bag and the carpets werent spotless when i moved in,which she has forgotten…ive tried the sprays you use on carpets but it seems to bleach the spot making the rest look worse.ive seen steam carpet cleaners advertised on t.v does anyone have idea if they work,before i fork out for one…thanks a million

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11 Responses to “At Home Steam Carpet Cleaners Do They Work?”

  • Jillian:

    I just bought one and I love it. I used to have a bissell and well..I gave it away. I now have a Hoover F5914-900. You won’t regret it. Go on and check out the reviews.

  • penlopie:

    I have the best solution. I have white carpets and 2 kids with a new house with little grass that means lots of dirt!
    I went to walmart ( dollar general or winndixie) and rented the “Rug Doctor” but you need to buy 2 big bottles of cleaning solution if you have lots of carpet. It really cleans in one pass. but it does go threw the solution fast. if you go slow it really works and the only bad thing is it is only for rent for 24 hours. It really is worth it.

  • super_st:

    yes they do work, but it would be better in the first instance to get a professional carpet cleaner in. Then just maintain it with a domestic one.

  • shiara_b:

    they work pretty well, but you might wanna call someone in to do it for you – the pro stuff works better.

  • they are excellent,but follow the instuctions carefully

  • Nicolett:

    I love my Hoover steam cleaner. I have a dog and live in Oregon. What with the mud etc. my carpet needs cleaning every other month. My Hoover does a wonderful job. The carpet comes up looking brand new.

  • larry648:

    you can rent them at alot of grocery stores too

  • I’ve got one and I’ve never had any problems + it saves me a fortune.

  • maddog27:

    Yes those carpet cleaning machines work wonders…I bought one last yr and use it ALL of the time the solution cost like 15 20 bucks but it does the whole house…So id NEVER go back to just a quickie job on carpets again..The investment could save u lots of money in the long run

  • they work fine on the surface dirt… but if there is any thing that soaked into the backing material the chances are that it will reappear after using one of these rental units. Also the rental units don’t heat up enough to get anything really clean, and the vacuum pressure is poor as well.
    Better to get a truck mount service into clean the carpets, more heat, more suction….yes it will cost more. 30 to 50 per room. but you may find it cheaper shop around.

  • tiny1:

    Yes they work great, I got a dog so I went ahead and purchased one and you would be amazed at the dirt you get out of your carpet. It is really nasty! It’s not visible to the eye but when you dump the water out, it’s nasty and brown, really disgusting. I have a Hoover steamvac and it’s great! Had it for years. My friends brother recommended that brand to me bc he works with vacuums and steam cleaners and said it was one of the best ones on the market, besides the heavy duty one hotels use!

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