At Wallmart Or Any Other Store Do They Sell Any Steam Cleaner Vacuums? ?

Does any store sell steam cleaners that you can use yourself instead having someone else come to your home every time you need to touch up the floor?

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4 Responses to “At Wallmart Or Any Other Store Do They Sell Any Steam Cleaner Vacuums? ?”

  • sensible:

    Most places that sell vacuum cleaners also sell at least one brand of steam cleaner. Unless you will be using it a lot, rent one. When you unpack one you bought, you will also find that finding a place to store it is a real pain.

  • amjeck:

    Just to let you know about steam cleaner vacuums. I do cleaning as my side business while my kids are at school. I have found that if you live in a pristine house then they work very well. But if you live in a house like a normal person then they are serious hard work. Everything has to come off the floor and it can leave a watery marks (not permanent) on lino. I found that they also don’t let you get into the corners at all. Just so you know.

  • Judy:

    Wall Mart, K Mart, Meijers, just about any store carries them. I would get the one with attachments os you can get into corners and do the furniture if you decide too. You can also get the little green machine for touch up jobs

  • Neeners:

    We bought our steam cleaner vacuum at Target. It’s worth the price if you plan on using it at least 3 or 4 times as it cost us around $120. Otherwise I recommend renting one from Lowe’s or Home Depot for about $30.

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