Best Method For Mattress Cleaning?

I have a great mattress but my puppies have peed on it a couple of times. When I caught them in the action I cleaned it as quick and as good as possible. Although it has left stains. And it is grossing me out.
What is the best method of removing the stains?
I read about steam cleaning it and all sorts of concoctions of cleaners to try.
What works best?
Please help.

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3 Responses to “Best Method For Mattress Cleaning?”

  • pebblesp:

    Well, you can use some bleach water and dampen the area. If you have or can borrow a wet/dry shop vac. that will extract the water…
    Then let the area dry maybe circulate the air with some fans or you might get mildew…
    You can then vacuum the entire mattress and then go to the store and get some waterproof mattress pad for you bed.. They make really nice cushy ones that work very well. So, in the future if puppy makes a mess all you have to do is wash the pad….

  • Eagles Fly:

    Here’s another one …. have you tried stain cleaner stick you use before putting in washing machine.
    Try it, what have you to loose. Put some on, wait and few minutes, then wipe off with damp cloth. You could use straight bleach. Put on cloth and dab it on. If nothing else, bleach will sanitize.

  • Taylor's Dad:

    Steam cleaners will clean the surface, but not remove the urine that has soaked into the mattress.

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