Best Way To Disinfect An Apartment?

We have just recovered from a rather nasty virus and it is now essential that I disinfect the apartment. My first instinct tells me to bleach whatever I can, but I’m wondering what alternative / additional things I could do. Are steam cleaners good? Is it worth it to get a cleaner with the attachment for carpets, or is it enough to just to use the steam sprayer? Floors in most rooms are parquet, we have lots of books and toys (plastic and wooden)… any additional advice is very welcome.

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  • Tamara99:

    I’ve yet to find a steam cleaner that has enough pressure to do a good job cleaning. I’d love to have one though. In the meantime, I would use bleach water or lysol for disinfecting.

  • Alice:

    If you’ve already had the virus then you’re probably immune to it now and won’t get it again.
    You only really need to clean things you touch regularly, like doorknobs and taps, and those are the only things visitors are likely to touch much anyway.
    Ask visitors to wash their hands as regularly as possible for a few weeks – viruses do eventually die out in the open, so you really don’t need to douse everything in bleach.
    Bleach is incredibly toxic and bad for the environment! Soap and warm water will shift most bugs – don’t go crazy!

  • Sim:

    bleach anything that you can. Floors, tubs, toilets, etc… for those that cant be bleached use pine-sol. For toys that your kids would play with use a half cup of bleach in 2 gallans of water, let soak for 5 minutes and drain. Dishes need to be disinfected too along with silverware. run through the diswasher if you have one or use dawn dish soap. If your washing by hand and a half cup of bleach to your dishwater. Make sure you don’t forget pet bowls if you have any. Wipe down cabinet doors, the frige, and any appliance with a sanitary spray and clean rag. Dont forget phones and anything else that you touch like door knobs windows and screen doors. As far as your carpets go i would shampoo them thuroghly. You dont have to buy a shampooer you can usually rent them at yor local grocery store or hardware store.
    Just keep in mind that if it looks like it can be disinfected it probably needs to be.

  • bleach what you can and use lysol for door knobs

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