Buying Steam Cleaners For Wood Floor/tile/carpet/windows?

Does anyone have a steam cleaner that they love? Pros and cons of steam cleaners you’ve tried?

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3 Responses to “Buying Steam Cleaners For Wood Floor/tile/carpet/windows?”

  • pissy_ol:

    I agree with Mike…never ever use a steam cleaner on hardwood flooring..humidity is the main factor in keeping your hardwood safe…your home’s humidity should be between 30-50% .. wood absorbs water/steam and the heat will ruin the can cause warping and heaving in not use it on hardwood.

  • hobiepar:

    They do make steamers for hardwoods. Try the shark steamer it worked great for me but it just stopped working so I am hoping I just got a lemon. I am going to return and try another. Go to a local place like lowes / bed bath / walmart and buy it.. just in case you need to return.

  • Mike A:

    4 wood -never! 4glass- it would break

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