Can Anyone Answer These Please?

What is the cost in dollars to steam clean a room W yards wide and L yards long it the steam cleaners charge 10 cents per square foot?

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  • centauru:

    1 yard = 3 feet.
    so W yards = 3W feet
    L yards = 3L feet
    Area in feet = 3L*3W
    cost for it in cents= ([3L*3W]*10)
    in dollars
    ([3L*3W]*10)/100 should give the answer

  • stretch:

    Your room is measured in yards and you need to get feet. L times W multiplied by 3( 1yd=3ft) . so if L = 10 an W = 3 then 10 x 3 = 30 sq yds x 3 = 90 sq ft Then multiply by $0.10 to get the price per sq ft

  • rothe_ja:

    you would need to find the area in feet. the area is found by multiplying the W and the L
    w*l*.10=cost in dollars

  • jowee300:

    10 times (3W times 3L) , divided by 100
    so if W is 2 and L is 4, its::: 10 times 6 times 12, divided by 100……….which equals $ 7.20.

  • S R:

    Area= LxW therefore should be

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