Can U Use Steam Floor Cleaners On Laminate Floor?

i want to clean my floor really well so they look better… i want to use a steam floor cleaner? should i? where do i get one?
please answer

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  • Sexy Chica:

    wood laminate flooring and water do not go well together. If they get too wet, they will buckle. I know this because we had laminate in our bathroom. Within 2 years, it had buckled by the bathtub. Would not recommend it at all.
    So I am not sure you should try to steam clean laminate flooring because of the water issue.

  • Valerie K:

    Wood laminate floors are less expensive than hardwood floors and are much easier to install. Since wood laminate floors can be installed over virtually any surface, most homeowners install wood laminate floors themselves. For this reason, wood laminate floors are a great alternative to installing hardwood floors. Cleaning a wood laminate floor is just as easy as long as you have the right cleaning supplies. Here’s how to clean a wood laminate floor:
    Sweep the wood laminate floor to remove any dust and debris before you start to clean it.
    Step 2 Dust the wood laminate floor.Dust the wood laminate floor with a swiffer sweeper dry cloth. This will help clean up any remaining dust and debris you didn’t get with the broom.
    Step 3 Spray it with a wood laminate floor cleaner.Spray it with a wood laminate floor cleaner and wipe it clean with a damp towel. You can purchase a wood laminate floor cleaner at your local home improvement store. Make sure it is marked clearly for cleaning wood laminate floors. You need to avoid using soapy cleansing agents. Armstrong makes a great wood laminate floor cleaner and is pictured at left.
    Step 4 Wipe up any remaining moisture.Use dry towels to wipe up any remaining water on the wood laminate floor. Now your floors should look brand new!
    Step 5Be sure to check out the Resource links below for more floor and home improvement projects.

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