Can Very Long Shag Rug Be Cleaned With A Professional Steam Cleaner?…

I’m thinking of buying a shag rug similar to this type. I have 2 boys and a dog…so it will need to be steam cleaned every now and then. I’m wondering if those are cleanable with professional steam cleaners, or if the sucking action will tear up the rug. Figured it would be good to find out before I buy one! Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Can Very Long Shag Rug Be Cleaned With A Professional Steam Cleaner?”

  • Sherry H:

    this information came from the care instructions on the link you provided:
    Recommended Care:
    •Professional rug cleaning or hand wash in cold water
    •Hang or lay flat to dry
    •Flip over and vacuum on the back side
    •Rug pad is recommended under all rugs to avoid skidding
    •Due to the hand made nature of the rugs, colors and sizes will vary slightly
    Because this is a hand made rug and costly, I myself would not use a steam cleaning machine on it.

  • ztldrive:

    yes it will take longer due to haven to move slower to allow a good cleaning an if hiring out don’t be shocked if they charge you more then normal due to extra effort

  • jamstere:

    My daughter in law had shag and she cleaned it with the same cleaner you are asking about and it worked well.

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