Can You Use A Hoover Carpet Steam Cleaner Without Chemicals?

does anyone know if there are any carpet steam cleaners (that actually work good) on the market that you do not need to use a chemical cleaning solution in addition to the steam. I have a baby, so there are constantly messes, ie) spit up and pee getting on to my carpets. I want to clean them, however do not want to use any chemicals that he will come in contact with when on the floor.

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  • Cal:

    I have one of those big fancy steam cleaner things and you do have to use chemical cleaners w/ them…that’s how it gets the stain to actually come up. The steam vacuum pretty much just pulls up the stain. The problem is, it really doesn’t work. I’ve done it in every room that has carpet in the house I just bought, and it didn’t really do anything. It made the carpet look cleaner all around, but it didn’t get up the actual stains that are visble. I bought the shark steam mop and it also advertises it to use as a “carpet freshener” (it’s meant for hard surfaces). It seems like when I use it on the carpet (the actual shark steam mop that uses no chemicals at all) it makes the stain go away for a day or two, and then the stain reappears like it was before. So…I don’t know what else to do. I’ve used every cleaner out there, so the fact that you don’t want to use cleaners really isn’t a problem…b/c even those don’t work! My mom said when she hired a carpet cleaning company that the stains didn’t come out…it looked good at first and then the stains just reappeared a week later. IN CONCLUSION, buy the shark steam mop and I bet it would work on getting out fresh stains in your carpet. Also, since you don’t want to use chemicals, it’s a great solution for all of your hard surfaces like tile, wood, etc. Hope I helped!

  • goldwing:

    YES!~ and in fact, you should NOT use soaps, detergents, etc….use only water! All those cleaners leave a residue that attracts dirt! If you have cleaned with “shampoos,” use only water…it will pick up dirt just as well as anything during extraction. Ask any carpet expert! Water only!

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