Can You Use A Steam Iron To Steam Clean Jewelry?

Jewelry steam cleaners are expensive. So, I’m wondering if I can use the steam from a steam iron to clean my jewelry in the same way. Has anyone tried this? I’m wondering if this would actually work…or if it is not recommended.

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2 Responses to “Can You Use A Steam Iron To Steam Clean Jewelry?”

  • seamstre:

    I would never even consider using a steam cleaner on my jewelry—for several reasons:
    Costume jewelry uses glue to hold “stones” and “pearls” and the like. Steam is hot and could soften the glue which would dislodge the “jewels”.
    Steam could be harmful to pearls, turquoise and I would not trust it to crack tanzanite, emeralds and other soft stones. I would think that any stone with a flaw could possibly crack due to the heat of a steam cleaner.
    Keep it simple and clean your jewelry regularly with a soft brush and jewelry cleaner.
    The perfect way to clean sterling jewelry is tooth paste. Yeah, it is true. Go ahead and try it right now……..simply dab some toothpaste on the object and rub with your fingers until the shine shines through.
    Be absolutely certain to rinse so that no tooth past is left to harden in the nooks and crannies. This works for silver utensils and the like.

  • Question:

    Why don’t you get one of those ‘Shark’ hand held power steamers. We use it, It works great for some things..

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