Can’t Get Smoke Smell Out Of Vintage Dress.?

I got this vintage dress from my mother ,who smokes, but it reeks of smoke and i need a way to get the smell out fast! *i don’t have time to take it to a cleaners* any tips? maybe steaming it in the bathroom with the shower on? Febreaze? im not sure.

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4 Responses to “Can’t Get Smoke Smell Out Of Vintage Dress.?”

  • busymom:

    Yes, run the HOT water in your bathtub and pour some vinegar in it. Close the door and allow it to steam up. The vinegar will take the odor out.

  • ally:

    try steaming it in the bathroom and light a diffuser with your favourite smell on at the same time. that way what ever smoke doesn’t get out will hopefull get masked by some lovely scent that you can tolerate till you can take to the cleaners

  • GRNeyzNY:

    I would hang it outside on a clear and breezy day and let it air out for an hour or so. Then I would Frabreeze it while it is still outside.
    Leave it out there for another hour, then take inside until it ‘warms up’ …. see if that does it.
    If not … repeat.
    Second times a charm!
    (don’t forget to Frabreeze INSIDE and OUT).

  • Curt:

    try febreze

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