Carpet Cleaners – Steam Vs Detergent Wet Cleaner?

i have just borrowed a friends steam mop cleaner but it doesn’t seem to be cleaning very well. Has anyone else tried these and did they find this too. I was wondering if it would be worth just hiring a detergent cleaner? what do you find best? Advise please : )

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  • ej:

    Remember that rented machines may mal-function and may not be properly maintained.
    Let me make one thing clear.
    “Steam” cleaning is a misnomer.
    In some cases, the temperture of steam could conceivably melt some carpet fibers.
    Melting point of nylon is about 140 degrees. Polypropelene about 120 degrees.
    The correct terminology is
    “Hot Water Extraction”
    This is a process whereby the machine heats water to a safe temperature, administers it into the carpet, then extracts it.
    This normally loosens and extracts loose or surface dirt.
    Imbedded dirt and/or stains, (removable stains, ie), is best removed with a safe carpet detergent and a safe machine that will not scrub the crap out of it. Crap, meaning over scrubbing.
    Actually, any soap that does not leave a film on the fibers will do. Soap film left on carpet attracts dirt. Most market cleaners are safe, some may be better than others.
    For spots/spillage, on a daily basis, dish washer soap could be used. It does not leave a film.
    Mix a little with cold, not hot water, sponge some onto the spill, rinse the sponge, blot excess soap mixture. Even shampoo can be used for mild cleaning.
    With a rinsed or clean sponge, blot clear water onto the carpet, then rinse and continue blotting until ALL the soap is gone.
    Do not flood the carpet. That could be absorbed down to the padding. This occurs with pet urine. (First, use white vinegar and water for that)
    When clean, Use a dry towel to blot excess water, lay a dry towel over the wet spot, place a weight on the towel. Leave it for a few hours or overnight. This will wick up the moisture.
    Not promoting but Sham Wow does the same as a towel, maybe better.
    Never RUB the carpet surface. Blot only.
    Rubbing will distort the twist of the fibers and the tips will become frayed.
    Beware of those “magic sprays” that make the spots disappear.
    That only drives the stain to the backing and into the pad, only to reappear later.
    If you decide to hire professionals, be aware.
    Lots of scams out there. Some of those know less than you do, and merely rent a machine as you might do.
    I have no interest in any cleaning service.
    I feel confident about Blackman and Mooring and
    If you have special stains, google “Carpet and Rug Institute”. They used to be located in Chicago, may still.
    You may get professional advice there.

  • BARRY B:

    Steam cleaners are a con as you have discovered. Go to Homebase DIY store. They hire out Rug Doctors, which despite the silly name actually work well. If you have a lot of carpets it would be cheaper to buy your own chemicals from a Janatorial Supplier (Yellow Pages) as the detergent and defoamer from Homebase is costly for a big job. Jeyes Enhance is the best detergent and the cheapest defoamer will work fine.

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