Carpet Steam Cleaner Enzyme Products?

Can anyone suggest a powerful Enzyme cleaner that is safe to use in steam cleaners? I’m using Bissel Pet and Odor remover, but my dogs can still detect the odor (while I can’t). My dog trainer told me to use a solution with Enzyme’s. I found a few products on the web, but I would like to buy it locally.
Any help would be appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Carpet Steam Cleaner Enzyme Products?”

  • ♥Golden gal♥:

    There is a product called Odor Out that can be used in a steam cleaner. I’ve used it in mine! also Natures miracle can also be used in your steam cleaner. It is best to pre treat the area then wait 10 minutes then steam clean.
    Also Urine Gone can be used this way too.

  • Rosalie:

    Simple Solution is great, and can be poured directly on carpets, even Orientals. They also make a carpet shampoo as well.
    One carpet cleaning professional also recommend that we just pretreat the spots with half and half vinegar and water, and then call him to do the rest.

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