Carpet Washers, Which Is Best?

I am in desperate need of a carpet washer or steam cleaner.
My 3 year old makes a terrible mess on our light sandy coloured room is the 1st room you walk into through the front door.
I have tried a couple of steam cleaners, which was borrowed from friends. I found them to be very hard work and a full days job.
The carpet is heavy stained from spilt juice etc.
Are the shampooing type effective?
Can anyone recommend a really good carpet cleaner?

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11 Responses to “Carpet Washers, Which Is Best?”

  • tigerfir:

    Well I would suggest just renting a Rug Doctor from Safeway. Don’t buy the Rug Doctor brand cleaner though. Instead, buy a bottle of the best smelling laundry detergent (my wife and I use Gain). Mix a cup of the laundry soap in with the reccomended amount of water. Boil the water first though, it gets smells and stains right out. then put that soap water mixture into the Rug Doctor and use it as directed.

  • Suzy:

    Rug Doctor, definitely, it costs around £20 to hire one (for 24hrs) and then another £12 for the shampoo, but it will and does shift everything. They can be hired from Homebase or some of the supermarkets. I use them every 6 months to spruce up my carpets, strongly recommended.

  • capa-de-:

    Bistle make are very good.


    Steam cleaners will sterilise but just force the dirt further into the carpet.
    Rug Doctors are good – they spray in hot soapy water and scrub the carpet for you, then suck it up again – great machines.

  • M:

    i have a friend who is a carpet fitter, and he has told me the worst thing to use is a team cleaner, because it affects the underlay, so a shampooer is best i have used bissel cleaner although it is fairly hard work, though it is hard to get away from that when cleaning carpets.

  • dontlook:

    VAX are amazing! I was a cleaner for about 3 years and vax are the best hovers/ carpet cleaners! We have one at home and its almost older than me (20) but its still great and works 110%!

  • ndtaya:

    We rented one from the Home Depot a while back and it worked great. We had juice stains on a white carpet, and they came right up.
    For spots, there’s an excellent product called “Tek” that can get almost ANY stain out of carpet.

  • Rob M:

    I suggest you hire a professional. Someone I.I.C.R.C. certified and who uses a truck mount carpet cleaner. (truck mounts have a minimum 5 times the power of any portable cleaner on the market). will help you find one in your area.

  • i have to agree VAX are the best, however you can go to a hire shop and hire one for about £30 for the day and these are industrial cleaners, i did my carpet last summer and they came up superb, a bit of hard work and effot needed ….sorry

  • suenic40:

    i bought a vax multi one, they are good and leave the carpet fairly dry you can buy them from most electrical shops, also you can hire them from alot of supermarkets now i know morrisons hire them out,they are really good

  • I use Stanley Steamer.. it usually takes about an hour or less to do four or five rooms, and then you just have to wait another jour to go back in, there were stains from drinks and makeup and they get it all out everytime.

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