Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

I have heard that using high temperature wet-steam commercial cleaners on carpet is actually bad for them. It stretches the backing and removes any stain resistance that was manufactured into the carpet. Does anyone have any information regarding this? Thank you.

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  • You are largely correct. It can damage the backing to carpet, it does break down the foam padding and it does remove the chemicals added by the manufacturer to repell and resist staining. That is why many manufacturers will void their warranties if the carpet they sell has been wet steam cleaned.

  • Levi. Not the Jeans:

    Your Information is Very False. I am part of one of the highest rated carpet protection companies in British Columbia so im not just specualting. As long as the technicians know what they are doing, High Heat Extraction can benefit your carpet in many ways. First of all the chemical applied to carpets in the Manufacturing Plant is Du pont Teflon. Once cleaned a carpet can lose up to 30% of this product. For a small additional charge it can be re-applied by professionals. It is True that backing does stretch when wet but shrinks to its normal size once dried. The pad underneath your carpet is called Underlay and does not break down once wet. It is a sponge like material that dries out after being cleaned and is not damaged. If cleaned properly a carpet (depending on the Fibre) should dry within 5-12 hours. Any longer then that then moisture can set in and create mold. Hope i Helped

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