Do Carpet Manufacturers Recommend Using Scotch Guard After Cleaning?

I am having my carpet professionally steam cleaned for the first time (it is 5 years old). I have three teenage sons who do not eat on the carpeted areas, but leave foot traffic marks. Should I have the cleaners use scotch guard or a teflon carpet guard afterward?

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3 Responses to “Do Carpet Manufacturers Recommend Using Scotch Guard After Cleaning?”

  • Tragedy:

    YES ! It would never hurt the carpet and provide added protection. Go to this site for more information and best of luck ! :…

  • Lynn D:

    Yes!!! Every time you clean any part of your carpet the scotch guard is taken off. Always have a can of scotch guard on hand even for the smallest clean ups!!

  • clb199:
    20+ years in janitorial supply sales and service.
    Two questions – not really fair to answer with one answer but to answer simply….. Yes. It helps in the prevention of resoiling and will allow you to clean the carpet much easier the next time it needs to be cleaned. By coating the carpet filaments with teflon, whatever stain, whether it be tar,grease, kool aid, coffee, blood, grass etc., will not bond to the filament . It will rest on the teflon coating and will release much easier when either spot treated or cleaned.

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