Do Steam Cleaners Really Work To Clean Shower Screens?

Looking at buying a steam cleaner from the shop for the shower screens as nothing works for the scum – does it work? Thanks everyone

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3 Responses to “Do Steam Cleaners Really Work To Clean Shower Screens?”

  • Trish:

    I have a steam cleaner that i got from goodwill for $3. Its a small one similar to a shark. My answer is no. It’s not a miracle gadget like the commercials make it out to be. What it IS good for is getting into tight spots, cracks and crevices and blowing/steaming out crud. For instance the crud that gets behind your faucets or mold around windows in the house or crud in the tracks of your patio door or windows etc… To sum it up just speaking for the one I have, the steam is not really very hot. It’s also decent for softening spills in the fridge or in the microwave but a placing a wet rag in the microwave would do the same thing.
    I am in fact really glad I didnt pay full price for mine, considering it was on my list of things I wanted to get at one point.
    Does the infomercial show that it busts scum from shower doors?

  • M M T:

    I have a big steam cleaner, one of the Shark models that looks like a small canister sweeper on wheels. It’s got a lot of power and I use it for a lot of things. That said, cleaning soap scum is not one of the things that it does well. It does ok…… Steamers work great at blasting things out of places you can’t get to, anything greasy, for mold and mildew and most types of dirt. I even do windows with mine and when paired with the microfiber cloths that the manufacturer recommends, it works great on walls, trim, floors, appliances, counters, cabinets, gas grills.
    I’d try white vinegar in a spray bottle mixed with water; about 50-50. Give the shower a good spray with this and let it soak for awhile, at least 1/2 an hour. Then scrub with a soft nylon scrubbing pad that’s safe for non-stick cookware and rinse. If that doesn’t do it, get some Barkeeper’s Friend. It’s a powdered cleanser that isn’t harsh and even safe for ceramic cook tops. I use the Barkeeper’s on all my metal and on my fiberglass shower surround and tub. Sprinkle the product on a wet sponge and smear a good coat on. Once again, let it soak for a bit, 10 min or so and come back and scrub and rinse really well.
    The steamers do a lot of things well but I’m not impressed with them on soap scum….

  • trish s:

    Vinegar is a lot cheaper than a steam cleaner……………..

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