Dose A Steam Cleaner Really Kill99.9% Of Germs And Bacteria With Just Steam?

My husband has always wanted a shark stem cleaner we have heard that they are the best cleaners since they do not use harsh chemicals. However the other night we saw a infomercial with a steam cleaner and is had a special solution and it said that along with the steam the solution will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also stated that other stem cleaners lie and that stem alone cannot kill all the germs and bacteria. I know that infomercials can lie just because they want to sell their products but you never know so can someone help me out hear? I would hate to spend all that money on a cleaner is it doesn’t even work.

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  • Well, I don’t know about the germ killing aspects of the thing, but I bought a Shark steam mop and it came with a little Shark steam cleaner. And it may not get hot enough to kill all the germs, but it sure leaves a lot of clean in its wake! I use it to clean my living room and dining room windows, from the storms to the actual original windows on my 1930 brick craftsman house. The windows came CLEAN like no other time I have washed them in the 9 years I have owned it, and certainly never this clean before. The light that comes through now, is streak free, clear and really nice. Made the windows look so great, EVERYONE was commenting about how different they looked! Did I change the drapes? Nope! Did I add something new? Nope! Just simply cleaned them with the steam cleaner. It got all kinds of grunge off the windows and the sills, that I didn’t even know was there. It doesn’t work quite like they show you on TV, but still, when you see the clean, you don’t really care if they puffed a bit! I have wood floors in the dining room, living room, stairs, hallway and bedrooms. The kitchen and butlers pantry have linoleum floors. It breezes through them with no cleaners, although once in a while, because I have dogs and they will potty on the floor, given half a chance, or throw up something that didn’t agree with them. I just whip out the steam mop, wipe up the big stuff with a paper towel and then maybe spritz a cleaner that smells good and steam right over it. Cleans whatever is left over and leaves a nice scent behind, instead of puke or pee. Then I drop the pad into the laundry and run it through the next load, its ready to go again and again. I NEVER dry the pad in the dryer, I simply put a fresh one back on the steam mop. It only takes about 30 seconds to a minute to go from cold to being able to steam mop. I use a micro fiber cloth, maybe a cleaner and then steam off and wipe, I have removed gunk from a REALLY OLD linoleum floor that I thought I’d have to replace, grunge from windows, dried on food and guess what I am from cabinets and baseboards, and steamed some wrinkles from a shirt with the steam cleaner. Personally, its the best $80 I have spent in some time! I have given up my wet mops, swiffer dust mop, the dust mop and the half dozen buckets of dirty water I went through in a week of mopping. Is it germ free when I am done? I really don’t think it is, as the temp, while hot enough to clean, would probably melt stuff or destroy things if it actually got to higher temps that are needed for actual germ killing. I also remember in a science class (a 100 years ago) that to kill germs, you needed to reach boiling temps for 10 minutes. I know for canning you need the higher temps longer for this same purpose, so unless you want to STAND there for 10 minutes on one spot, I would say NO germ killing to 99%, but maybe enough to keep the baby somewhat safe. One way to be sure of germ killing, is to maybe use a capful of bleach to the water? But I would be really careful inhaling THAT steam! But I can tell you this, it has reduced the need for many cleaners, and certainly the ones that are toxic and dangerous. I use my basics, like bleach, Mr. Clean with Febreeze, baking soda, borax, Greased Lightening, Blue Wolf and vinegar. I rarely need much more than that. I got my steam mop and the little steam cleaner at Sams Club for $80 + tax. TOTALLY worth IT! Hope this helps you to decide! Good luck!

  • Tippy's Mom:

    Most known germs can not live in heat exceeding 140 degrees F nor can they live if the temp falls below 0. Most non-commercial steam cleaners operate near the 120 degree F mark; very few non-commercial exceed 120 degrees, because the risk factor of burns is greater than what the machine can accomplish cleaning. So, at 120 degrees add a little chlorine to raise the PH and now you have a machine that most usually say kills 98.99%; very few want to push the limit by saying 99.99% or 100%.
    My HEPA vac systems my business uses cost an average of $3,600 per unit, something I doubt you’ll see on a infomercial, and they only claim to be 98.99% effective

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