Dry Cleaner/launderers Versus Self-laundering With Steam Press. Which Is Better?

I usually take men’s dress shirts to the cleaners to be laundered. Sometimes, the buttons get crushed/cracked. I’m now thinking of laundering my own shirts and purchasing either a steam press or a steamer. Any thoughts on which will work best? I’m NOT very good at ironing so ease of use is key.
I don’t use starch on my shirts.

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4 Responses to “Dry Cleaner/launderers Versus Self-laundering With Steam Press. Which Is Better?”

  • domino4n:

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    I just answered a similar question. The main problem with shirts is the ironing. I would call around to some of you local cleaners. Better cleaners will check all the buttons and replace them for free. Shirts will cost more but not only will the buttons be replaced but the pressing will be much better. The dry cleaning biz is a service. The customers that do not have the time and who want quality will pay for the better service. Good luck

  • Godric:


  • DragonGi:

    I prefer the dry cleaner, but that is because I am lazy and don’t want to spend my time at the iron. If you have time to do it yourself I would believe that is the best way to go.

  • dimpelmu:

    well a steam iron get´s the shirts done just as good .the thing about shirt´s is if you don´t use starch just by the starch spray . When you iron your shirt´s I always find they iron better when there just a little damp not everybody can choose the time they iron there clothes. So a little spray starch will get your shirt´s looking as if they have just come from the dry cleaner´s – tell you what bring them round here and I´ll do them for you

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