Easy Off Bam!!!!!!!!!!!?

Has anyone used this yet, beside me? I have found it to be excellent. I have lived in this house for almost four years now. I have tried and used everything I could think of. I had built up lime around my faucet in the kitchen. I have used mean green, lime away, I even got one of those steam cleaners, like on Tv. Nothing worked , until I got this. Got in about 5 minutes. I still had to use a scrubby and soemelbow grease, but it is gone. Even in my shower where there is always soap scum. I have a plastic wall covering, The same there. Tried everything. But ladies, and some guys, this stuff does work. So I figured if easy off can clean ovens, why not try it. Boy!!!!!!!!! Am I glad I did. It took off the rust around the tub drain, and I even have the fake marble. well took the build up from around the drain on that also. Yes, there still is some scrubing, but I just can’t say enough about it. Works great.
So you guys will have to try it and let me know what you think.

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4 Responses to “Easy Off Bam!!!!!!!!!!!?”

  • frooliem:

    you can tell your mom when you get so excited over cleaning products.

  • Thanks for sharing! Never tried it but am going to because i have shower doors that always gets rust and grime in the track and i get it clean but not totally clean. I Think it is something i am going to try!

  • jibbers4:

    I’ve been thinking about trying that but i was afraid it wouldn’t work like every thing else i waste money on. Thank you for the info

  • lovemyka:

    yes, it is Great! Nice to find something that really works and makes it easier to keep a sparkling clean home.

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