Handheld Steam Cleaners?

are they all created equal? do they work? which do you recommend? i recently bought a steam mop and really like it for the floors so i thought a handheld one for tubs etc. would be great. I found a 1300 watt one for $40 and a 1500 watt one for over $100. Do I really need to pay the extra money for 200 more watts or will the cheaper one work just as well?

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  • M M T:

    I was curious about these things also. After doing some research, I went with the Shark Steam Cleaner that’s made more like a canister vac than a handheld unit. I figured it would be a little more versitile and hold more water.
    I bought one and am extremely pleased with it! Makes cleaning the gas grill MUCH easier, it is wonderful for anything to do with grease! Also does a wonderful job on windows and floors! I’ve even had it take marks off the walls that Clorox Clean Up didn’t touch! The blaster attackment (real narrow nozzle) is great for those places you can’t get into easily!
    The cons – the attachments are a little flimsy, especially the floor attachment but then I’m used to having to scrub like the devil on my kitchen floor!
    Whichever you decide on, follow the directions to the T! If you’re cleaning and need to refill, make sure the correct amount of time has passed before you open the unit! Voice of experience here! Got a steam burn! I turned the unit off, went & did some other things and “assumed” that it had been long enough.
    The more watts, the more steam and the faster the unit recovers to make steam.

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