Hard Surface Steam Cleaners?

Has anyone purchased or used one of those steam cleaning products out there? I bought a Shark last year (had to return it since it was a faulty unit.) I keep seeing them on infomercials, but it’s hard to know if they work as well in the home as they do on t.v.
If you’ve bought one, please give your opinion.

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4 Responses to “Hard Surface Steam Cleaners?”

  • Amazon has a ton of steam cleaners available for sale & almost all of them have product reviews from consumers. I have attached a link to the list of cleaners. You can click on the stars at the bottom of each item to go directly to the reviews. Best of luck to you!

  • Basement:

    I have a Bissell steamer for carpets and upholstery and I love it. My couches, mattresses, drapes and carpets are always nice and clean and I never have to use chemicals.
    I’ve never tried any of these light weight hand held steamers or steam mops they sell on TV, and I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about them. Enough to make me not want to spend my money on any of them.
    I used to rent a heavy duty Italian made steamer called Vaporetto that was simply amazing. It would clean months of caked on grease out of my oven in one passing.
    When I finished cleaning my kitchen with it, the place looked newly remodeled. The tile grouts sparkling white and the appliances and cabinets looked brand new.
    It is quite pricey (I looked at the website) and I’ve never seem it sold in department stores around here, but I’d definitely invest in one. It is worth every penny.

  • M S:

    I have an H2O mop and I wouldn’t buy it again. It might work fine on some floors, but not on my kitchen vinyl.
    I have an Omega hand held steamer that I love; it does a great job melting that line of dirt that collects where the wall meets the floor.
    Mops, brooms and vacuums always miss it. And the alternative is a toothbrush, so give me the steamer and an old rag any day for that job!

  • nana:

    Bissell Steam Cleaner is very good. The company also is good about sending replacements if needed. Easy to handle. Sometimes material cover is hard to put on but it is ok.

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