Has Anyone Ever Used The Dryel Method Of Cleaning Laundry?

We just bought a new dryer and (much to my surprise) it has an option for steam cleaning on it. I want to know if it’s worth using or should I keep sending my clothes to the cleaners.

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7 Responses to “Has Anyone Ever Used The Dryel Method Of Cleaning Laundry?”

  • Liz:

    I have the same on my dryer and have used only for clothes that are not that expensive. I still send my better clothes to the Dry Cleaners. Be very careful because they just don’t come out the same.

  • Kim G:

    I was never impressed. I would keep paying to get the items dry cleaned.

  • a:

    dryel is really just for using in a pinch,unfortunately professional dry cleaning is the only way to truly get them clean.

  • ♥:

    I found Dryel to be just okay. My better clothes I still sent to the cleaners. But made do with this to save money and when I was in a hurry.

  • gar_fana:

    I tried Dryel once, it left spot marks all over the clothes. I then took them to the cleaners and they were gone. I’ll never use Dryel again.
    I’ve never used a dryer that has an option for steam cleaning. I’d be interested on how well it works. Let us know! :)

  • mshonnie:

    Steam cleaning is a very efficient way to clean laundry and will also sterilize however it is not too good for removing stains you still have to do it the old fashioned way and just as you would do when washing your clothes, actually this feature is more for removing wrinkles than anything else I would further not recommend using the Dryel sheets with this option it could ruin your clothes this way and perhaps stain them Good Luck !

  • Max Schnell:

    A couple of nights ago, I was talking to a friend who is a chemical engineer for P&G. His statement on this product is that is a good “freshener” and deodorizer, but will not remove heavy soiling such as body oil and stains.

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