Has Anyone Tried A Shark Steam Mop?

I have been thinking about buying a Shark Steam mop or a Bissell Steam Mop for doing all my floors. I have alot of very dark, laminate flooring which looks beautiful when clean, but shows every last speck of dirt or dust, so I’m constantly cleaning them. The only thing that works is to get down on my hands and knees and scrub with plain water. Therefore, I was hoping that one of these steam mops might be the answer to this crappy task! What I’m wondering is: does this leave streaks? Has anyone tried one on dark laminate floors?

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3 Responses to “Has Anyone Tried A Shark Steam Mop?”

  • Fair Dinkum:

    Undeniable Truth of Life: Never buy anything from an infomercial….never.
    A good vacuum cleaner store..not a big box store would have one that was actually worth the money. Fact is some of the DIY programs recommend one to really clean tile floors and the grout better than mopping

  • sweetpea:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t waste my money. Here’s what I use on my floors…http://www.thecleanteam.com/productdetai…
    I use a spray bottle with vinegar and water on the floor and the the Sh-mop. No rinsing necessary. The vinegar smell dissipates when it dries.

  • kingsley:

    Steam mops are worthless. I use a Floormate.

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