Has Anyone Tried The Shark Steam Mop On Tv?

I was wondering if n e one has tried the shark steam mop…..the one that says it’s suppose to clean your house in a breeze. Does it work? should i buy it? im very skeptical of commercial products….so plz help me out

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4 Responses to “Has Anyone Tried The Shark Steam Mop On Tv?”

  • pcbeachr:

    Be forewarned though..One person here on Q&A got one to use on thier wood floors(floating type) and the steam of course got inbetween the seams, and got the underside moist and thier wood floor buckled up and warped due to it..I personally haven’t used one, but thought I might give you this warning if you possibly have the same type of wood flooring..Here is a link from an actual wood floor distributor themself..clcik under ‘can I use the Shark Steamer on my columbia flooring..It basically does not recomend it..and says about the same as the other questioneer here did..the steam can go inbetween the seams and cause moisture..http://columbiaflooring.com/faq.cfm

  • Vinnie:

    With regards to the steam getting beneath the floor boards, all of the “steam floor mops” aren’t traditional steam cleaners. They more or less use a hot plate which water is shot over which produces the steam. If you hold down the trigger too long the plate becomes saturated and you leave you floor too wet. There’s more info on this at the website where I got my steam floor mop.

  • cynthia n:

    I bought mine at Target and I love it. I had sticky spots in my kitchen near the stove and it just steamed all that stuff right up. I use it in the bathroom too, The pads are washable so it is ecological as well.

  • i got mine at target to it yes it the best i love it buy it

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