Has Anyone Used One Of The New Steam Floor Cleaners Yet?


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3 Responses to “Has Anyone Used One Of The New Steam Floor Cleaners Yet?”

  • eastabos:

    i have used a pro-shark n it worked great u could of eaten off the floors. don’t expect it to last longer than 3 years. but if u do a comparision to the cost of the unit to say replacing the swifter clothes it just about evens out.
    good luck

  • M M T:

    I have a Shark steamer that kind of looks like a small canister vac with the steam generating unit on wheels and a long hose that you can attach the tools too and I use it a LOT!
    It does floors great! It also works on kitchen appliances (especially the stove), bathroom fixtures, windows, walls, trim, helps remove wall paper, great for defrosting the freezer (I put my carpet shampoo machine hose in the bottom to suck up the water), cleaning the gas grill,
    The model like I got is a little more money but it’s so much more versatile it’s well worth it. And it is key to use a microfiber cloth with it; they wipe up and absorb more than any sponge, dish cloth or rag every thought of! Matter of fact, for a lot of jobs you don’t need anything more than a microfiber cloth that has been in hot, lightly soapy water (dish soap). I have black and stainless kitchen appliances and all I use for the daily wipe up is one of those. No streaks! I get my microfiber cloths at Sam’s Club, a bundle of 24 is less than $10. I use them for dusting, cleaning and even as a dish cloth. When they get dirty, I pop them in the washer and dryer and they are good to go again. Saves a LOT of money on paper towels for cleaning and they don’t work anyhow! And a LOT of money on all these expensive cleaners that are not good for us or the environment!

  • jenn_d_n:

    i want a haan steam cleaner BAD

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