Has Anyone Used Steam Cleaners On Their Floors?

I have tile and hardwood floors and I have been contemplating getting a steam floor cleaner to use on them. I like the idea of steam cleaning because of the sanitation and not using harsh chemicals. My tile floors are impossilbe to keep clean. Has anyone ever used the floor steam cleaners, do they work, would you recommend them and if so what brand. Thanks

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4 Responses to “Has Anyone Used Steam Cleaners On Their Floors?”

  • insane one:

    You don’t want to use steam cleaners on your hardwood floors. The moister from the steam could warp the wood and then you would have to replace it. I’ve worked with wood a lot of years and the best way to clean it is by dry moping or using a special wood cleaner without a lot of heat or water. If you have good tile then you can use bleach on it but do not let it set for to long of periods. You could also use the mop and glow it does a good job also.

  • Cosmodot:

    Water and wood don’t mix. Stick with the reccommended cleaners. If you buy a steam cleaner, it will provide several other uses though. They nice for cleaning carpets and apolstery in the house or car.

  • I tried mine on my kitchen tile and I don’t like using it on there.
    So now I only use it on my carpets.
    Also you do not use only water in the cleaner. There is a cleaning product that you buy to put in the tank.

  • javadic:

    I’ve only ever used them on carpet.

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