Have A Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner? What Do You Use It For?

Well, I had one to use in the bathroom like the advertisements show, but soon returned to the “old fashioned way” of doing things. I did not like it, so I gave it away on FreeCycle. Hope yours works better than mine did.

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5 Responses to “Have A Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner? What Do You Use It For?”

  • Anon e Mouse:

    It is good for cleaning hard to reach areas such as the area where the toilet seat attaches to the base. Also good for cleaning grout, but it is time consuming. They say they work well for cleaning soap scum off shower doors, but they dont do that great.

  • Gary S:

    I have a cleaning business and my favorite thing to use it for is for window seals. I steam out the window seal until it loosens up all the grime then wipe it all way. It gets into every crevise. Plus I use it for shower doors where it comes together and you can’t get in there to clean it… that works good there too. I found that using it on stovetops to loosen baked on stuff like what Shark said it can do is worthless to me. It’s quicker for me to use a product over my steamer.

  • jocajura:

    You can use it for bathroom and kitchen cleaning. It makes a great disinfectant. Also you can use it to clean stains from clothes and carpet. Use it as a steamer for wrinkles. It’s a pretty much everything machine!
    Good luck

  • percsroc:

    Steaming wrinkles out of clothes. Cleaning spills of of fabric. Stains out of carpet. Stains out of tile

  • Catherine L:

    I too have one…it does work on carpet and upholstery stains, but be sure to have a dry cloth ready for soaking up any excess water. If you have the time…it is great for cleaning walls…just point steam at top section of wall you are doing and dirt starts dripping down walls, wipe clean. It does work on shower doors and fireplace doors and i have even used it to clean silk plants…try out a few things and you will get the idea..

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