Have You Bought A Steam Product To Clean Your Laminate Floors? Like The Shark They Have Been Showing On Tv?

Did it work for you? My laminate floors look so dull and mopping isn’t getting the shine back in them. I was thinking of buying one of the steam products if they really work.

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7 Responses to “Have You Bought A Steam Product To Clean Your Laminate Floors? Like The Shark They Have Been Showing On Tv?”

  • Stevebig:

    Hi Corona
    I tried one of those steam hand held cleaning machines My answer is
    NO ! they do not work you are wasting your time and money

  • lychi:

    I would recommend Snap Heavy-Duty Concentrate, it works by holding dirt, oil and grease in suspension, allowing them to be easily rinsed away.
    It was originally designed for industrial use, contains all the below benefits plus solving those extra tough household chores.http://www.marketamerica.com/LCBEAUTY/in…
    • Excellent for floors, ceramic tiles, upholstery, walls, appliances, jewelry, countertops, vinyl, etc.
    • Multi-porpose & multi-functional, one bottle can replace a cabinet full of leading household cleaners
    • It’s highly concentrate, one bottle can replace 10+ bottles of leading brand household cleaners, (i.e. 409 All purpose cleaner, etc.)
    [For steam cleaning walls and woodwork, mix 1 part of Heavy Duty Concentrate with 100 parts of water, I am positive that you will get the shininess back! ]
    • tough on dirt, gentle on hands, it makes a great hand soap as well
    • Environmentally friendly cleaning solution with biodegradable, nontoxic, phosphate-free and plant base ingredients & bottled in recyclable plastic

  • Oh my gosh DO NOT use steam on laminate – ever! Water/steam does not mix with laminate or hardwood. I don’t know why these companies advertise it’s safe to use, it is not.
    Please read the below blog to see why you should never use a steam cleaner for hardwood or laminate.

  • ARAA:

    i dont know shark is good or not!
    but steem washers are useful.
    it use for floor like your laminate floor
    and spiders and …
    AEG is famous brand for these products
    my friend have a steamwasher and she say its good and dont damage the laminate floor…

  • TieDie:

    well i know that the Shark brand is really good. We have a mini Shark Vacuum Cleaner (Dust Buster) and its worked for years! while as other mini vacuums break so easily. So I would definintly trust the Shark brand. I would say go for it!

  • aha!!? :D:

    yeah i did
    it works so good on any type of floor
    you should buy it

  • julie:

    I bought both: the handheld shark steam cleaner and the steam pocket mop, because i am moving and i thought it would help. Sofar…..it hasent worked that great. I steam cleaned the tile showers and didnt really see a difference. I also steam cleaned the laminate floors, then again with the duster attachment, and THEN with damp mop. I think i would have fared better just doing it the regular way.
    My next project i will try is the walls here, when i clean, i PRAY it works as good as it shows on tv. If not, then i feel i have wasted my money with both, and I TOO will be donating them to goodwill.

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