Help!!!! Floor Cleaning Machines? Esp> For Grout!?!?!?!?

Please, has anyone used/own a steam mop or any other type machine that cleans ceramic tile/grout. I’m tired of getting on hands and knees scrubbing. Would love for it to sanitize also! I checked into the Shark Steam Mop advertised on TV and there was bad things said about it. Please help! Thank you!!

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2 Responses to “Help!!!! Floor Cleaning Machines? Esp> For Grout!?!?!?!?”

  • Barbara E:

    I use a Bissell Steam mop and love it … it doesn’t get as close in the corners as I can do the old fashioned way, but the steam loosens everything up so the corners and other tight spots are very easy. There are a couple of other advantages with the steam machine: you are killing germs without killing all the other living things in your house; and the floor is dry almost instantly …
    I also use a floor mate; again, it doesn’t get into corners but it does a respectably good job everywhere else.
    Disclaimer … I have a huge house with lots of storage for these machines. If I were to downsize, the Floor Mate could go, but not my steam mop!

  • kingsley:

    Forget Shark Steam, they are worthless. I use a Floor Mate and have had good luck.

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