Help!!!! Floor Cleaning Machines? Esp> For Grout!?!?!?!?

Please, has anyone used/own a steam mop or any other type machine that cleans ceramic tile/grout. I’m tired of getting on hands and knees scrubbing. Would love for it to sanitize also! I checked into the Shark Steam Mop advertised on TV and there was bad things said about it. Please help! Thank you!!

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  • scout out:

    I have an alternative suggestion for you. I’m a tile installer by profession (yes, I’m a girl :-) , and the best thing I’ve found is to recolor the grout with cement “stain”. It’s very easy to do, but it will take a few hours. Best to do it with someone.
    First, clean your grout very well with either a diluted bleach solution or a stronger acid cleaner from a tile store. (Use rubber gloves and a scrub brush).
    Next, get a clean bucket of water and sponge the floor down with plain water to rinse it. Let it dry, prferrably overnight with a fan running.
    At Lowe’s or Home Depot, get whichever color you’d like of concrete stain. It’s sold as a product for cement patios and porches and comes in a gallon size for about $20. A gallon is way more than you need, so if you can find it in a smaller size, get that. You can choose a color lighter or darker than your grout (even white is fine), but be prepared to do 2 coats if the first coat looks washed out.
    On the dry grout, paint the stain on with an artist’s brush or kids watercolor brush. Give the stain a little mixing every once in awhile. For this reason, I like to put it in a samller non-tippy container. If you go on the tile a bit as you paint, just wipe it off with a rag or if it’s dry already, scrape it off with something wooden or plastic (like a tongue depressor or a plastic knife). Give it a few hours to dry before heavy foot traffic, and wait at least a few days for it to set before heavy cleaning.
    You’re done! What this does is seal the grout from dirt and fill in a lot of the texture so it traps less grime. You’ll never have to seal the grout, and scrubbing will be a thing of the past. If you don’t want to do this, hire someone… just be sure to tell them what to do if they don’t know already.
    Heavy cleaning with most household cleaners starts to disolve the grout and opens it up for more dirt and mold. The more you clean, the worse it gets. The real trick with grout is to seal it twice during the installation phase and then clean it with non-acidic cleaners like simple green or something from a tile store that’s PH balanced. There are some new urathane and epoxy grouts on the market that are virtually stain proof, but unfortunately they have to put in during installation.
    I swear this concrete stain works, and you’ll be AMAZED at the results, and cleaning will be a snap! Good luck!

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