How Can I Get A Cat Urine Smellout Of Carpet? (i Had It Professionally Steam Cleaned, And It Still Smells)?

My daughter accidentally left the cat in her room when she went to school, closing the door and cutting off his access to the litter box. Anyway, the stench was foul. We cleaned with your standard regimen of cleaners (Resolve, Lysol, baking soda, et al) – and the smell became only slightly better. The next day, the odor remained (never underestimate evolution – this cat’s territory is MARKED)… so we had it professionally cleaned.
The smell is only marginally better, and I’m out another $100. Any ideas?

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11 Responses to “How Can I Get A Cat Urine Smellout Of Carpet? (i Had It Professionally Steam Cleaned, And It Still Smells)?”

    There is this natural stuff, SCD Odor Away or SAEM that is made of microbes that eat up organic compounds which cause odors. read this washington post article. it really works. i used it on mold in my bathroom. my friend sprays it on her catbox. no joke. science is awesome.

  • elizabet:

    Petsmart sells something called “Natures Miracle”. I have cleaned cat & dog smells with a lot of success. Hopefully you know the location she went in. Natures Miracle has a combination of rubbing alcohol and citrus. It works. Follow the directions. Good luck.

  • hurrican:

    Vinegar, water, citrus and prayer.

  • ed:

    The urine has likely soaked into the backing and the underlayment, padding.
    Cleaning only took it out of the surface pile.
    Even then, nylon absorbs 1% of it’s weight in moisture. Polypropylene absorbs none.
    Other than pulling the carpet and replacing the section of affected pad, you might try a strong solution of white vinegar and cold water. (not hot)
    You don’t have much to lose by wetting the carpet pretty thoroughly, then use paper towels and blot , DON’T RUB, until you have absorbed most of the moisture. Then place paper towels, or bath towel, over the spot with a weight and leave for a time.
    The towels will wick the moisture. You may have to change the paper or towel when too wet.
    You may have to repeat this several times.
    If it shows signs of diminishing, keep trying.
    Failure can only be solved by pulling the carpet and replacing the pad section.
    Finally rinse with clear cold water and wick.

  • Adnan Sallam:

    It is gone under the carpet, you need to replace the carpet or try this deep wash the area with shampoo and repeat that for two or three days.

  • KIM A:

    Vinegar and water is good, you could also try windex, both work really good

  • Silver H:

    Replace it. It’s soaked into the padding. You WON’T be able to get it out otherwise. My cat does this all the time, for no reason either.

  • cirestan:

    Soak the carpet in the area with vinegar.
    Then blot.
    Once that dries you can get one of the “citrus” cleaners and clean it again.
    The acidity in the vinegar and citrus will counteract the base properties of the ammonia which makes cat urine smell.

  • Food Traveler:

    There is an ad on animal planet for this cleaner called zero odor. It is supposed to take care of the stains and smell.

  • twigg808:

    That means it probably soaked through to the padding. It may have to be replaced.

  • singlean:

    vinegar and water mix put in a spray bottle and soak the carpet where the spot is. it will not take the stain out but vinegar neutralizes ANY SCENT plus if the cat gets locked in again it will not pee there . in the future put a litter box in her room that’s where the cat likes to sleep . it also works well on your glass and mirrors try it it works and only costs pennies to make.

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