How Can I Have Streak Free Laminate Wood Floors?

I moppped, I Swiffer-ed, I sponge-mopped, I went as far as buying the Shark Steam Mop today. DOES ANYTHING leave laminate floors streak free?!?!?! I thought the Shark Steam Mop was the answer, fast drying ……BLAH BLAH BLAH! Still left water lines all over! Is there a screct to clean laminate floors without water lines?! And these floors were supposed to be SO EASY TO CARE FOR. HA!

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6 Responses to “How Can I Have Streak Free Laminate Wood Floors?”

  • Jenny C:

    Hi, I just use vinegar 1 cup to 1 gallon warm water. I use just a slightly damp mop. Soap based products and citrus products leave a film and make your floor look dull. Hope this helps.

  • hi i use cif but only a dribble in warm water .wipe over and keep rinsing the cloth.let it dry by opening the windows it should be streak free

  • Dashing Geek:

    I have good luck with my method. First, I use a water based hardwood floor cleaner and a soft brush on a broom handle. I just slop some water on the floor then brush it around really well. Then I use a wet vac to get the water up. Every six months I use the Orange Glo hardwood floor finisher. In between deep cleanings like that I just use either Bruce spray-on cleaner and a damp sponge or the Orange Glo everyday hardwood floor cleaner and the special pad that comes with it.
    Good luck.

  • Richard:

    Use warm water and damp mop.

  • LoFlo:

    I use windex and a flat mop with a terry cloth cover, no streaks.


    any wood floor that I clean I always use and recommend to others to try this item out. You can find it home depot or wal mart. its a swivel mop that comes with a terri cloth cover that has elastic to hold it on. you just need to wet it with tap water, don’t use any chemicals, just wet it and ring it out til its just a bit wet. push it over the floor and when it gets dirty just take it back to the sink and wet again as before. I always keep another cover on hand and use it dry to take away any streaks, its simple and works great for me and others. I always recommend it for all the floors even the ones I refinish myself.

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