How Do I Control My Allergies In University Housing?

I live in university housing and my allergies are killing me. Web MD suggests vacuuming &steam cleaning &washing linens often &replacing your mattress, etc but being in University controlled housing I don’t have access to laundry or steam cleaners the way homeowners do. Meds don’t work for me for some reason.
Are there any remedies for me?

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One Response to “How Do I Control My Allergies In University Housing?”

  • Jenn B:

    Try Isotonix OPC-3 it is a vitamin supplement. But I promise you it really works.
    I am 31 and have had terrible allergies for 30 years until I started taking OPC-3 in March. I was supposed to be going on shots which I didn’t want. A nurse friend of mine told me about it. Didn’t believe her but I was willing to try anything before shots.
    I am so glad I started taking OPC-3 it has been six months now allergy free!

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