How Do I Get The Smell Of Cat Urine Out Of Luggage?

A few months ago, one of my cats urinated in a piece of carry-on luggage. Now that I need it, I want to know if there are any tricks I can use to get that smell out! Should I take it to the dry cleaners? Are there any great products I can use? Home remedies? Would steam cleaning work? I’m at a loss of what to do.

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  • ♪ Seattle ♫:

    Hi there…consider using Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats found worldwide at most pet stores. It’s an enzymatic neutralizer which breaks down urine proteins by soaking affected areas thoroughly then allowing to air dry. Repeated applications are necessary for heavily soiled areas.
    Here’s more on the product:…

  • tma:

    oh god that is the worst smell ever, and so hard to get rid of! try vinegar. but i really suggest tossing that piece of luggage and buying a new one.

  • Jay S:

    I like the brand called “Out” and you can purchase it at any Wal-mart store.

  • lovemyca:

    Febreeze – the antimicrobial kind. A lot cheaper than the “special cat pee” stuff you buy in pet stores and works really well. Plus, you don’t have to make an extra trip. Just pick up a container next time you are in the grocery store – it’s with the carpet cleaners in some stores and air fresheners in others.

  • Kethya Chin:

    Try squeezed lime juice and dry under the sun heat.

  • sherijgr:

    Next time you travel, use a cat carrier? Let the cat out of the bag? LOL! There’s all kinds of cleaners out there that will do the job. Which one you use depends on how you would like your luggage to smell afterwards, ie.e pine sol, bleach, clothesline fresh tide, etc. Almost any good household detergent or cleaner will work as long as you do the work. Once it is dry and smells the way you want it to, keep fabric softener sheets in it and even when you use it and your things and clothes should smell fine.
    I actually took a suitcase a cat peed and sprayed on with me to the carwash and saved a little of the power wash for my suitcase when I was done with the car and it worked beautifully. Blast it out if you have to. Good luck.

  • macleod7:

    Natures merical you can get it at most pet stores.

  • zaki_ans:

    Use a fragrant detergent on it. This will not only remove the urine but cover up the smell. It is a cheap solutions and you should be able to try it right away before you attempt going to the cleaners.

  • SusanS, Incognito:

    I have had cats do the same thing. After washing it out really well. Let it dry. Sprinkle a bath powder that contains baking soda inside. Leave it for a while. Voila, the bad smell is gone. Good luck.

  • mudgetti:

    Avoid using any ammonia based cleaners – this encourages the cats to keep urinating in the same place (so don’t take it to a dry cleaner). You can use any enzyme cleaners or try a general-purpose citrus cleaner – these are really cheap. Cats don’t like citrus, plus the citrus neutralises the smell. You should soak the bag if possible in the citrus/enzyme cleaner overnight then allow to try and cross your fingers! Good luck!

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