How Many People Use A Steam Cleaner?

I like that they use just water-no fumes or chemicals etc. And I have found that the steam cleans things even the decent cleaners don’t!

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2 Responses to “How Many People Use A Steam Cleaner?”

  • JFAD:

    The best investment I made was in my Sargeant Steam clean machine. No more Madison Avenue household or chemical cleaners and the house is cleaner, more sanitized, stays cleaner longer. A steam cleaner is the new way to clean; its like trading in the typewriter for a computer.

  • precede2:

    We do use a steam cleaner from Bissell,but if the carpet is dirty or spilled with a oil or sauces we used to use a chemical along with water and later we use a carpet softener spray.Steam cleans twice a month is highly hygienic and environmentally feasible.It stops the Carpet mites build up and kills germs-bacteria hiding in the carpet or a floor.

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