How To Get House Ready For Steam Carpet Cleaning (“truck-mounted Hot-water Extraction”)?

I had a list of things to do before the carpet cleaners come, but I’ve lost it. Anyone know what we need to do before they arrive at our messy home?
I’m sure I need to pick up loose items and make sure nothing is on top of furniture, but what else?
Thanks for your replies.
Happy New Year.

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5 Responses to “How To Get House Ready For Steam Carpet Cleaning (“truck-mounted Hot-water Extraction”)?”

  • I work for Serv Pro. All you really need to do is just make sure that your carpet has been vacumed very well and that there are no small items on the floor. Pack any valuable and breakable items that may be on the table tops yourself to prevent accidental damage. The cleaners will take care of the rest.

  • William B:

    move all furniture out of room,

  • additude:

    Ive had my carpets cleaned but never had a list. Just pick up evry small item from the carpet and maybe vaccuum That’s it.

  • SkipperJ:

    If you have a good carpet cleaner they will do a walk-through recommend any additional cleaning that will need to be done,(i.e. spot cleaning, identify the kind of spot, traffic lanes and look for wood or metal items in contact with the carpet.) They will also identify possible drying time problems, (humid day, air flow through the home for the possible need of dryers). Anything that comes in contact with the carpet can run the risk of transferring color and should be protected. Moving furniture may be needed and should be checked for hazards, items that can be knocked over or broken. Make sure they are using heated water, i.e. steam cleaning vs water extraction. There are some very good carpet cleaners and there are some people that think they have a truck mounted cleaner and they can do the job…be a good consumer and do your homework. Check out your cleaner before you let them in your house. Are they bonded, certified, trained, and is their vehicle clean? If they can not keep their equipment clean how do you feel about them cleaning your home? Good luck.

  • victoria c:

    I would clean under the beds for anything that might have fallen under and clean your pictures on the wall and dust all your furniture before they come. I had a great company come and clean my entire house and they did all this for me but that was a long time ago and most companies don’t do that now.

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