How To Get Smoke Out Of A Prom Dress?

Well I just bought my prom dress from a good friend of mine, I got a great deal. The problem is, her parents smoke so the dress reeks of smoke. I’ve tried putting a bowl of vinegar in my room and using candles and it seemed to be helping a bit, then I tried steaming it in my bathroom with the shower and that seemed to bring the smoky smell out even more. Other than taking it to the cleaners, does anyone have any tips? Thanks in advance!

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2 Responses to “How To Get Smoke Out Of A Prom Dress?”

  • mim:

    Hang it outside in the shade and protected from bird droppings, vandals, sunlight, and rain (if it doesn’t snow where you live). If 2 or 3 days doesn’t do it, then you can dry clean it yourself in your mom’s clothes dryer. They sell home dry cleaning kits in the grocery stores and probably at Wal-Mart. Follow the package directions and it should get the smell out. There is always Frebreeze spray too, if you want to “mask” the smell. But if the dress is velvet or expensive, you may want to just spring for a professional job at a reputable cleaners. Another option that might work would be to hang it in a small bathroom and burn a few sticks of good quality incense – something you really like the smell of because it will leave the incense smell on the dress.

  • Maureen P:

    You can try to buy the Dryel starter kit, which is an at-home dry cleaner.

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